circa 1980. "And we concluded that one excellent way to protect people was to collect less information about them."

the point here is not to praise IBM, but that there was a recognition of fundamentals about privacy almost 40 years ago that is just now "waking up to". The understanding that data is a toxic asset, and that only information that's essential should be collected, is on display here. At least in marketing... from the biggest tech company of the day.

@diggity It seems that although IBM was seen as the eternal evil establishment, but has a tradition of occasionally launch pretty good marketing.

Last month I went to watch a movie, the movie theater was located at the heart of a commercial district in Beijing. Before the movie started, it played an ad on the dangers of biases in AI. I was thinking, it is made by a foundation targeting middlle-class progressives? Later I was shocked to see even Bruce Perens on the IMAX screen.

Turned out to be an IBM ad.

@diggity @niconiconi
Is it possible that they just didn't realize the value of data, or the benefit of not having that much data outweighed having it back then? I think ML algorithm wasn't that thirsty for data and now people just throw as much data as possible to some nerual networks…
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