@cwebber and @emacsen talk with Sean O'Brien about privacy during the pandemic:


Even though the accompanying text announces "dark themes", I found this episode pretty encouraging: you get some advice as to what you can do to protect your own privacy and that of your close ones, as well a non-complacent-but-non-panicked point of view on the widespread use of voice communication platforms that spy on you.

@scolobb @emacsen @cwebber worth mentioning that we did go with a BigBlueButton instance for the event I talk about in this episode (Flatten The Curve Summit). We switched away from Zoom when we knew we could get the help/bare metal to do so, and it went very well. For small-ish events, we can now lend a hand and spread the positive karma (DM me if interested).

@diggity I think I saw you saying that here on the Fediverse. That's good news! I hear BigBlueButton takes some effort to set up, but gives you some industrial grade voice communication. Glad you managed to get it running!

At my university, we have a subscription to Blackboard's Moodle distribution, which includes Collaborate—a good BigBlueButton-like voice conferencing software. I haven't checked the privacy aspects of it, but I (naively?) expect it still to be better than Zoom.

@emacsen @cwebber
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