Great class last night with our first @privacysafe cohort. What did we cover? First, we did a quick intro into concepts of digital self-defense. Privacy is an ecosystem problem, so we talked about the rise of proximity tracking, and what that may mean after

@privacysafe We took a look at the excellent work of @exodus and mobile trackers, showing the Exodify add-on in action

@privacysafe @exodus We touched on the emerging reality of ubiquitous BLE tracking and teeny-tiny Bluetooth sensors, as well as where that might converge with Google and Apple's new contact tracing stack for smartphones.

@privacysafe @exodus I demonstrated basic network auditing via a VPN server, with some cool visualizations of data flows.


@privacysafe @exodus We capped off the evening with an onboarding conversation, giving access to @privacysafe members to our E2EE chat instance and talking about the schedule for this summer. Sound cool? Drop in for our Open House next week or sign up for classes.

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