@Shamar @kaniini @starbreaker @rysiek I'm skeptical of and concerned about commercial exploitation too. Problem is, "noncommercial" doesn't fix the things you'll expect it to, and will prevent things you want.

Here's a question: if Linux were noncommercial, should a community run nonprofit be legally allowed to run it in a commercially run hosting service / datacenter? Even if the hosting service profits from it? Can the cooperative collect dues?


@cwebber @Shamar @kaniini @starbreaker @rysiek on the cooperative note specifically, there is the PPL and a whole history and culture behind it, discussed at length in this P2P wiki: wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Peer_Pr

...and then there's the JSON license, with the infamous "Good, not Evil" clause. That kind of thinking is good but leaves room for almost any moral justification; just ask Google ;)


IMO the friction introduced outweighs any benefit from these unenforceable clauses

@diggity @rysiek @starbreaker @cwebber @shamar @kaniini

You probably heard this, but for anyone reading this who didn't, it's too good an anecdote to leave out of this conversation.

JSLint, the JavaScript syntax checker, is under the JSON License and therefore must not be used for evil. Except:

> So I wrote back – this happened literally two weeks ago – “I give permission for IBM, its customers, partners, and minions, to use JSLint for evil.”

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