Nope, did not. But ChromeOS 70 comes with Linux support so .. that's something.

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So I just went from Win10 to ChromeOS. Tap to click does not work which sucks super bad. Hopefully an update fixes it.

Apparently I was fighting a “blanket monster” all night and because of that my girlfriend could not sleep and contemplated leaving me.

I wonder what goes on in my head when I sleep. It must be amazing.

I'm really not a fan of the new "fluid" GitHub design.

Ooh! Spotify finally has Apple Watch support. Finally.

Windows Auto Brightness is a fucking cancer that I can't get rid of. Turned it off in the settings. In the NVIDIA settings. In the Intel settings. Even edited the damn registry. STILL. IT. IS. THERE.

You can now see all sorts of information about me (such as heart rate, places I go to, how much I sleep) here:

Y'know, so you could totally NOT be creepy.

Was wondering why RescueTime for Chrome didn't track anything .. I had the "I'm already using the full RescueTime application on this computer." enabled by default. I only use the chrome app.

I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but there absolutely _needs_ to be a federated version of GitHub/GitLab.

Let me host my projects' critical infrastructure (issue tracker, PRs, private repos etc) on my own servers, while also being able to interact and socialize with the rest of the open source world.

I'll keep saying this until someone builds it - I would do it myself if I had enough time on my hands right now.

@mibzman I use Github for all my stuff. Also serves as a portfolio.

Think I just install Theia IDE at work server and just use that for development. Be done with all this mounted drives, no fuzzy search and etc bullshit.

Can't for the life of me get Visual Studio Code terminal to keep a connection.

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