Finally feeling comfortable enough to share my TiddlyWiki to the world. Converted most of my Brain database to it & have been adding more everyday. Let me know what you think & if you have any suggestions. I am excited to add more knowledge to it 😀

📺 just finished watching the series finale of Legion, no spoilers but it finished cleanly.

Oh 28 will be at the Caesar Forum, excited to hear that because Ballys/Paris for a large conference is rough. Had fun this year but my feet and legs are killing me from running through four hotels pretty much nonstop.

Got the badge! I was surprised that they asked me how many I wanted. If I had the extra cash I would have purchased more 🤤. Now to see what this badge can do this year.

Wow 😮, Linux Journal abruptly shut their doors. That sucks. 🥺

I am getting excited 🙌 with my TiddlyWiki setup. I have been toying with it for the past three days & I think I got it down now! I will say more about it once I get it fully dialed in but for now you will have to wait. I have to say it’s pretty damn cool! 😆

WHAT?! You can now play Diablo 😈 in a web browser. There goes all my productivity out the window 👋 . It plays really well and barely takes any cpu/cpu resources. Very impressive.

Ooh 😲 major release for iTerm2 just came out. Some nice additions and improvements. Anyone upgrade yet?

Oh how I hate mosquitos 🦟 , seriously can’t stand them. I don’t understand their purpose in life? Is there some reason they exist other than being food for reptiles 🦎 & fish 🐟 ? Yesterday, In a matter of seconds I got bit on my legs. Now I am itching non-stop 😡

Thinking I’m going to set up a TiddlyWiki as a second 🧠 brain. The last time I had tried TiddlyWiki was back in 2005 & used it for a year or two until I lost interest. As of recently I was using TheBrain but it’s not as portable, it’s awesome software but not right for me.

Planning to be in Vegas 2nd week of August and I wonder if the 🦗grasshoppers will be a problem then? It looks dreadful there right now.

Baxter is one photogenic cat. Huge trouble maker always having to chance this guy down just to wrestle him down 😹 or having to tell him to get down from my desk. We’ve had him for over a year now & he slowly has been getting comfortable with being closer to us.

Not sure when I made the move but I am enjoying Pandora, and even more now that I am using it with Anesidora. I wonder if there is a similar app for Android? 🤔

I really wish VOX Media Player would come out for Android, for all the emails they send me asking to subscribe to their service you’d think they would fulfill the one request everyone has been asking for … Android support!

Time for bed 😴, I’ve been up all night working on my micro blog importing posts from Tumblr (circa 2009-2015?) and photos from Instagram. Next step will be working on a custom theme 😁

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