Last Monday: Mastodon's an infuriating online tool:

Last Wednesday: Huh, Mastodon is pretty cool.

Last Friday: [Sends 2,000-word email to a friend who asked if Mastodon is worth paying attention to]

Today: [Posts 4,500-word expansion that email]

And major thanks to @toddbert + @acousticmirror + @emenel + @jasonw22 + @c_reider for the support as I came up to speed on Mastodon.



Great essay. Your mentions of WordPress reminded me about BuddyPress, its social networking plug-in. Way back, I thought that was very exciting. I wonder if they ever tried to link up multiple BuddyPress networks, fediverse style.

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@digits Oh yes! This must have been in the back of my mind.

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