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I got banned from twitter and my last tweet was about how out of shape I got during the pandemic, so I am concluding it is against the twitter dot com rules to imply that I am not hot

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She summoned and bound a demon, to demand an answer:
"What is magic?"
"You sum-"
"This is not magic."
"No," the demon admitted, "this is mechanics. Magic is transformation."
"Like lead to gold?"
"Any guided change. Knitting, smithing - all magic."
"I can do magic?"
"You know it."

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UBER/LYFT drivers are STRIKING 🎳 on Wednesday to protest poverty wages while investors and executives CA$H OUT.
🚍Use public transit
🚲Ride your bike
🚖Take a taxi
🚶‍♂️Walk to work
🏇Get creative

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This is definitely the most impressive PICO-8 cart you are likely to come across this morning

*Duran Duran voice*

Beans On Toast, Beans On Toast

@elchapo please confirm that this meets your expectations for lofi hiphop content

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also it is not 1995 why is apple trying to get me to pay for pro versions of video editors if all I want to do is change the framerate or match move

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someone on birdsite made an joek and as a result I was up too late last night making it real

@grahamvsworld hi hello I’m in your neck of the woods this afternoon if you are free and want to caffeinate

donno what phase of adulthood is dominated by only using your netflix account to stream jeopardy but I am ALL IN on it

Hash tag maybe your libertarian paradise has side effects idk

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“Oh, you’re from Canada, I love Canada! You have free health care! I’d move there if the tax rate wasn’t so high”

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