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@elchapo please confirm that this meets your expectations for lofi hiphop content

also it is not 1995 why is apple trying to get me to pay for pro versions of video editors if all I want to do is change the framerate or match move

someone on birdsite made an joek and as a result I was up too late last night making it real

@grahamvsworld hi hello I’m in your neck of the woods this afternoon if you are free and want to caffeinate

donno what phase of adulthood is dominated by only using your netflix account to stream jeopardy but I am ALL IN on it

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YouTube’s algorithm sent me this gem of a channel this morning: Nybbles and Bytes. It’s one of those PBS-style retro computing shows like Explaining Computers except for two very important differences:

1. The focus is on low level software programming on retro computers

2. The host is a trans femme

This is literally new new favorite channel and I hope anyone interested gives her a subscription because support our family!

Hash tag maybe your libertarian paradise has side effects idk

“Oh, you’re from Canada, I love Canada! You have free health care! I’d move there if the tax rate wasn’t so high”

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jeff bezos getting divorced proves that he hates all unions

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speedruns are what happen when I eat too much cheese

Can’t believe that in 2019 birdzone dudes are still at-mentioning swift on sec into threads

Does anyone know of a decentralised / fediverse-adjacent program for Facebook Event-style invitation & planning? (/cc @switchingsocial )

Someone asked about the Hockey Night in Canada theme and I could describe it no better than “the HBO Feature Presentation theme meets Hawaii 5-0”

stayed up abnormally late last night

cinnamon buns needed more proofing time so I didn't get to sleep until 10:30 PM ugh

I've decided to make it my 5 year project to make a Myst style puzzle game in Hypercard, with graphics rendered in my Hypercard ray tracer

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