so is the benefit of maintaining multiple accounts across different mastodon instances just being able to target :toot:s to a specific instance's local timeline for discovery? still not sure if i grok the benefit of maintaining multiple accounts

@ceezy Apart from namesquatting, was imagining it kind of as you described, so I could keep my shitposts separate from my techposts and airgapped from my hornyposts

@ceezy we joke but lowtax can't get permabanned on a ~ federated microblogging network ~

@dijkstracula huh someone should just implement a mastadon server where it costs $10bux for an account, you can get banned, pay for people to be panned, the works

@ceezy let's not forget the most important part where I get to pay :5bux: to change your screenname to a massive ownage

@dijkstracula custom emotes are supported already so its like, we might as well run our own so we can ge t:eng101:


@ceezy can we get radium to optimise the backend

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