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@rx sorry my dog doesn't respect keyboard boundaries

what were we talking about

@rx reading this in the middle of working on a filesystem query dsl is weird

@rx hello this is interaction you're right that this corner of things is not very big

@eddyb irccloud is being a butt, dunno what you were saying

I'm used to reusing the same sentences in life, it's part of talking to ppl IME, but when tusky forces me to do it on every statement immediately after writing it because of network timeouts, I am less comfortable

@edef what could go wrong, the language takes care of so many things for you

or is that a different one

@edef i do think there's maybe value in presenting ppl with the cliff of complexity *after* they have an investment and can see some of the power of what programming can do

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Me shyly holding out a piece of paper and a pen to Judge Alsup

"Could... you make it out to Sarah"

My voice cracks a little as I ask

"And could... could you also reverse a string in Java right beneath that"

@thejameskyle must resist urge to shitpost in middle of real conversation

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