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Hi ,


I'm Shibesh, prefer to go by Shibs.
My pronouns are he/him.

I write for a living, mostly copy but open to anything. (No like seriously, I don't have a job and work is light, hmu if you need a ) In one of my better moments, I helped co-create and co-write Consti-tuition Season 1.

I'm a and stan so if there's an instance for that, lemme know!

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Hmmm. I sometimes feel, if you're born queer, especially visibly, you have already kind of been enrolled into anti-establishmentarianism right away before your conscience even unfolds. I guess what it boils down to is how far you would push it, as you gradually locate your presence underneath your own skin (Or how far you'd go to shed it.)

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I write a newsletter and 👇 is who i am :

Not an intellectual by all means, not a grad school student and definitely not a technology maximalist.

Through this newsletter, I will dwell deep into things that have transformed, are transforming or yet to transform the way we live, work, think and evolve.

While doing so, I might be wrong most of the times.

Hence, The Greater Fool.


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The author of the article and the show itself, capture the anger and fatigue felt by women in the public eye for decades! Definitely worthy of your time!

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Ravish, one of the best journalists of our time, makes the sharpest comment on this obscenity.

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PIL filed against Cauvery Calling campaign deccanchronicle.com/nation/cur
Does anyone know or have a clue about what happened to this PIL
Couldn't find updates

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"It has been a season of gloom and despair for us. Kashmir lost its status, we lost our business as well"

100 days of seige & silence.
100 days & decades now that our conscience is dead.

Are we even ashamed of what is being inflicted upon in our name? Is that enough?


@Deepsealioness reaching out to you for some much needed boost! Happy tooting!

I am a feminist- mere believer & pursuer of equality and respect FOR ALL. Nothing less and nothing more.
My key interests are gender and development. I spend most of my time loitering, listening to stories, reflecting and writing..
P.S: I am also a social media novice belonging to Gen Y (!!) who will require some boost to figure out this platform.


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