Easiest way to follow someone is apparently to toot them and get the link to their profile.

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PSA: Increasing total web requests that a system is receiving by a factor of 10 may have a negative impact on performance.

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@nfagerlund, note, however, that at the end of the day, there will *always* be filtering of some form or another. Your brain does it's own set of filtering over the raw signal. :)

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Past me didn't document a thing that should have been documented, so present me spent an hour re-figuring everything out and documenting it.

Past me is a jackass. Don't be like past me. Document your things.

What are the delivery guarantees of mastodon? If server A has someone toots something to someone on server B, and server B is temporarily down, what happens when Server B comes back up?

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Is it possible to fitler the federated timeline feed by instance? I only see ways to filter *out* things.

So everyone, without googling, make a guess about the following

1) How many nations have sent a manned mission to the moon.

2) When was the last time anyone stepped foot on the moon.

So... anyone here program in go? I just wrote a trivial program in go to read files one line at a time (using the bufio.Scanner); and i was surprised that it was significantly slower (about 3x) than the obvious python implementation. Any ideas for fast file parsing?


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