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For anyone who preordered these eons ago, we'll be shipping them out tomorrow 🔥 TY for your patience and support! still has a few copies!

Very long freetalk about stationery...

Tested Platinum carbon black ink for waterproofness in fountain pen. Works well enough!

Postage stamp hoarding...the Canadian animals are so cute ☀

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How do mangaka do trying for anywhere between 7-16 pages every two weeks and it's really kicking my ass...

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I've been working on my first graphic novel at a really breakneck pace (a chapter every two weeks!), but I'm trying to find the time to have fun and explore and learn! I want drawing to be something I enjoy doing again, instead of just a means to an end...

Started again...I mainly write but today I tried watercolour in the journal to see how it would turn out. No bleed through...!!!

(It’s Midori MD paper from a regular A5 slim size Traveler’s Notebook blank insert)

Maguro sent progress shots of the tri-colour silkscreen cover and bookbinding she is doing for BLT comic anthology :heart_fire: it looks so good!

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Hi! i animated this sequence. I know, more #unicorns. Never be enough unicorns, NEVER!

In this case, I make an intervention of Muy Bridge's photos of horse's walk using different techniques like digital painting or 3d models.

If you want to see more about my advance, I leave this link:

#MastoArt #animation #walking #experimental

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Starting to color a page of my #comic for the first time.

1st panel:
Ok, I'll just throw the base colors in there. No shadows, or I'll never finish this comic.

2nd panel:
There's a window in the back I NEED RIMLIGHT.

#furry #workInProgress #WiP

I documented the :blobwizard: cross structure binding "linked" :blobwizard: method I used for with a lot of WIP photo instructions

I learned this very recently so still lots of trial and error. You can definitely scale the project up/down for , sketchbook, leather notebook, etc. The versatility of the binding approach allows you to play around to your preference, as long as you understand the logic behind it.

This took all day but I was able to make 7 more 💪 Hope ppl enjoy the DIY scraggly wabisabi-ness ☺️

Simultaneously listened to podcasts docs about systemic racism, supreme court laws that protect cops, sad octopus mom, and more...

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One month later my local store finally got the book binding thread I needed 🤓 now to transform this stack of :AAAAAA:

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