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I can now read low-star ratings/reviews that others have left about my work, and not have it knock down my motivation/confidence to continue doing whatever weird art/story/comic stuff I want :toot:

I hope we can all get to this point some day :heart_fire:

Sabina and Jake from in some closet halloween costumes, aka HWAlloween... :psyduck:

I did my first pass at thumbnails for chapter 8 (8 pages), but they're pretty boring, so I'll have to iterate on those later!

Here We Are ch.7 is out (24p)


Start from beginning:

(.social's image server is down, but I'll redraft this later when it's back up)

I close shaved the sides of my head last weekend! Ppl have been asking me what the inspo was, but really it was just me standing in my bathtub with hairclippers, thinking about how less hair = less maintenance = less shampoo = dry faster. All of that came true, but now my head is very cold :AAAAAA:

Love Love Hill is doing a free shipping promo for orders over $30 for our and

Code: octoship (expires Oct 31 2019)

Shipping will begin October 1st and we'll make weekly trips to the post office. You can get a head start now!

Pinkey fan 😎 making some good inking progress on

For me the process is more enjoyable when I do a full inking pass across pages, rather than finishing ink and then tone on individual pages, one at a time

Prototyping the print version of 👏 here are some untrimmed book signatures that I printed at home.

You can read it online at 🔥

There are different paper stock colours for different types of chapters 😎 going to add more red and yellow as I draw more!

I finished 1st pencils for chapter 7! 24 pages of heads talking :AAAAAA:

gotta start cranking out pages hahaha :AAAAAA: :angery: :aaaa:

IDK why the default windows screencap program has such bad compression :psyduck:

When tamatown music was still up, I made some really good music


Looking at the 24 pages I sketched for in ch.7 and feel regret and tiredness instantly.

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I haven't posted the actual comics here yet.
Cooking with Haiji 28 pages (based on Run with the Wind anime)
Near & Far, Closer Together 40 pages (Yuri on Ice/otayuri)

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