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I've finished my picture of Austin and Jake for @dirchansky! 🤗

What they're sitting on is traced from the reference photo btw. And when I put the reference behind the line-art layer I realized how off the characters where compared to the two guys on the photo. 😆

#mastoArt #CreativeToots

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My very hacked-up-for-cuttings angel wing begonia is growing in the wrong direction 😬

My fingers are always cold but the rest of my body isn' I finally tried wearing compression arm sleeves and I think it's working!!!!

Wow to be able to draw and not be distracted by how cold/stiff your fingers are...

My friend challenged us to:
1. Write with non-dominant hand, forward
2. Write with dominant hand, backward

Can you tell which is my dominant writing hand 😂 feel free to do this challenge and share! My failed backwards cursive “k” is quite incredible

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Extending my DIY scrappyness to personalize my

Platinum Preppy clear with paint/nail polish dripped inside the barrel!

Platinum carbon desk pen sawed down (badly) and covered with washi tape 🤩

I am a person who oscillates between these moods:

:psyduck: "I worked hard on this, maybe you could have a look....if you want???"

followed by

:AAAAAA: "it's not really good??? Maybe it's a waste of your know what...nevermind...*delete*"

❌ "please don't ever look at my art/creative work"

Toronto Comic Arts Festival is going virtual this year, May 8-15, 2021

Creator applications are open until March 3rd, 2021. Beyond comics, there are also spots for zinesters (Canzine) and game creators (Comics x Games).

International exhibitors are welcome~

Hohoho our prototype game cards from our dec 2020 game-jam arrived 🥳 huge card pile! There are other assets that we haven’t printed because we’re still in lockdown and nobody is seeing anyone IRL 😂

The next 4 seconds of 🔥

Using 2d camera effects makes CSP lag realllyyyyyyyyy badddddd (probably since I'm also drawing at high res) and since the playback also lags and export/render out takes a really long time, it makes futzing with delicate timing and positioning harder to preview/anticipate, so I'll return to do fine tuning later

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Progress on so far 😊 Although I worked very hard on this (I think about how many comic pages I could've drawn instead...), there are still many things I dislike and wish I could change, but I have to move on cause my time and skills are limited.

Exporting this 6 sec clip took over an hour in CSP and crashed several times :aaaa:

Yakuza 3-5 remastered is finally out on steam so I bid you adieu

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