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I’m so good at drawing deformed ... so many generations of kuchipatchi body and lips :toucan:

drafting ch7

Just spent a few hours making bespoke black and white UI for a cellphone texting conversation and wondering why I did that 💀also thinking about how to make these scenes more interesting 🤔

Props to UI designers; getting to that level of clarity and simplicity is truly art 🖼

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I have been released from con crunch and I have two new books 😂
This Friday to Sunday at Otakuthon in Montreal.

Submissions are open for

❤️ Going Steady❤️ a print-only comics anthology about stable, solid couples who are in it together — stories that show the romance of everyday, loving partnerships.

$50 page rate for black-and-white comics :toucan:

I played drawing “telestrations” (telephone/illustration) with internet randos a while back and these were some of the funny and bizarre pics I made based off written descriptions 😂

If you're also on birdsite (twitter) and want to give your birdfriends a rundown of how masto works, you can send people to my twitter thread :)

It also refers to @Curator 's excellent thread

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Me every time I finish inking a comic page:


Watched The Farewell

and cried a bunch, but overall it was a feel good awkward, but also heart aching and heart warming...really easy to see myself "straddling two different cultures" like Awkwafina's character in the movie

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