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My webcomic 🔥HERE WE ARE🔥

Ch 1.➡️

1st arc is about dudes in their 20s dealing with love confessions💞

Hope y'all enjoy!

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A few people have asked me how the game dev is going and it feels like forever ago, but the game was released <30d ago.

Free-to-play visual novel feat. wushu, glasses, older men, animals, etc.! Pretty wholesome and created in 2mo for

Unlike most comic artists, I move on quickly to new projects 😅but this proj involved a lot of amazing ppl, so I hope you check out the game to see their work!!

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rolling out an org-wide strategy on Monday and it's full of these drawings (very professional) :toucan:

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new perennials 🌿👀 I haven’t really done outdoor gardening on my own before so we’ll see what happens...! Includes:

Bronze beauty bungleweed
Orchid frost deadnettle
Firewitch pinks
Early sunrise tickseed
Palace purple coral bells
Snowcap shasta daisy
Sunny border blue speedwell
Dragon’s blood stonecrop

(Also all of these common names sound really fun)

tour 🌱

I also bought some perennials for my terrace (couldn’t find nasturtiums though 😭) I used to have 60+ different types of plants but now I’m closer to 40 🍃

Reading longform comic and prose fiction and am in awe that I know so many skilled people who create such great stories, worlds, and characters. Political tension! Character development! A fictional yet believable setting!

I still struggle, I'm impatient! I want to make + post things ASAP! I stick with what I know or what I can research quickly. I want to get things out faster. Perhaps this is my iterative designer mentality...always make stuff, fail fast. So many pros/cons to either extreme

After almost a year, the terrace outside of my window is finally accessible...but it's dirty and decrepit and IDK if I have the energy to clean it up...! BUT I would love to get some nasturtiums (I love their rounder leaf shape) in pots outside...

I've given up on planting veg to eat b/c of bug infestations :AAAAAA:

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I get a rush of pure, emotional energy when I see a wlw couple out having a good time!! I always walk by them with such a big smile on my face. #MastoArt #wlw

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Sometimes I change comic panels and scenes to increase my opportunities to draw animals ✔️

I barely did anything at but I'm still so tired...! Lack of sleep and extra socialization is catching up to me :psyduck:

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