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Here We Are's scrappy animated trailer for the non-existent anime version of the webcomic is done 😂

👀 (free to read online!)

📖 (limited, handbook printed book)

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hurhur-ing to myself cuz I just finished making a 12p digital zine...with really bad drawings 😊

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Y'know while I was away from Mastodon for a bit, I co-founded an Association that is trying to help comic creators. We're almost 400 members strong now - so if you're reading this and you're a fellow creator, you can read our Code of Conduct and Mission Statement below, then join us here:

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Right ahead of 🍸 Come For a Drink's 3rd anniversary, came the gift of a Brazilian Portuguese text translation by! Venha tomar uma bebida 🍷

I don't understand anything, but the English/Brazilian Portuguese language settings is at 🍹

Was wondering about the language difference re: anti-semitism and islamophobia and felt this article had a helpful POV

‘Anti-Semitism’ vs. ‘Islamophobia’: How language creates hierarchies of discrimination and whitewashes bigotry

I treated myself to a burger and cheesy jalapeno fries 😊
Got my second shot this week (double Moderna) 👍

It's a statutory holiday in Canada (July 1); some First Nations communities are framing today as Resilience Day

"This is all about education, educating the general public on what happened at residential schools and why we hadn't heard about it until recently."

Laughing at/appreciative of 's shout out to in his top 10 comic book list 😊

“If Canadian cartoonist Dirchansky’s manly boys-love drama doesn’t grip you, its characters’ deeply thought-out wardrobes will!”

😂 y'all can read it for free over at :heart_fire:

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Well, I'm extremely broke! I could use some help, so I'm selling more stickers, same prices as last time, hit up my PayPal account at and include your mailing address & how I should address you!

Some of these are violent, gruesome, or just weird, so let me know if you need me to avoid certain stuff in your order

CW drawn ec

Trying some multishade fountain pen ink 😂 they all have a subtle pinky tone. These are handmade by in Hungary. I’m sure they’ll look really different once they’re in a pen 🤔

Using cereal boxes and cardstock to try to make my own fountain pen tray to fit right under my monitor 🤣 wanted to see if I could start storing them horizontally…I have too many fountain pens 😭

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hello fediverse world, hello #MastoArt community! I moved my pixelfed sketchbook to this lovely place :artaww:

I will post drawings, collages, prints and other visual ruins here (i do image descriptions). You can follow other toots from me at @fragmentscenario

i love to swap art, zines, books by mail 📨

#art #introduction

Was gifted an official ahnitol crab that holds up your pen. They bring me joy 🤣 they’re doing such good work 🦀💪

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