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Got an orange-shaped drawstring bag from Milkjoy and quickly put other animals inside for fun, and now I can’t unsee the brilliance of this combo ⭐️

For anyone who wants to get social 👉 (happening Sat Dec 12 2020) is a free virtual con that's accepting artist alley applications (application deadline is Sat Dec 5 2020)

Or you can just be an attendee too :toot:

Wowww my covers were tearing in assembly again and I finally tested a suspicion that I’ve had...turns out I was right...

some of these covers are printed on a LIGHTER WEIGHT cover stock and consistently weigh less than a different pile of cover stock :aaaa: Just assembled a book with the heavier weighingcover stock and it was totally easy peasy fine 🤯 My terrible printer company saga is never ending :AAAAAA:

Bitmap printing woes 

What was meant to be a fun test print ended up being 4 hours of “why aren’t my presets and pdfs preserving the bitmap state of my pages anymore” that is still yet to be resolved (publisher + indesign).

It used to work for book 1, which was just earlier this year 😔. But I have other things to do today 💀 Booklet options in both programs are very limited re: compression and colour/image control (compared to the general EXPORT) but I live for auto re-pagination...

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Inking like this makes flood fill harder 😂 but I like that it is more forgiving than the thin and more precise style for arc 1 (Tho I don’t regret inking that way for arc 1)

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It's Bandcamp Friday, and therefore a good opportunity to remind you of , a collection of black artists searchable by name, genre, or location.

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my new ko-fi shop 

my new kofi shop is open! I sell printed matter, stickers and fragments i made:

dm for zine trade <3

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