I documented the :blobwizard: cross structure binding "linked" :blobwizard: method I used for with a lot of WIP photo instructions

I learned this very recently so still lots of trial and error. You can definitely scale the project up/down for , sketchbook, leather notebook, etc. The versatility of the binding approach allows you to play around to your preference, as long as you understand the logic behind it.

@dirchansky !! Oh, this is going to be super cool--thank you for making this. I was /just/ thinking of how to find resources on making bound books.

@swordjaw NP!!
Always happy to see other make their own stuff 🔥

This website has a lot of basic content about materials and terms, etc.

If you're looking for inspiration, there are a lot of bookbinding guilds (they usually have fb pages?) to creep :D

Sea Lemon has a lot of great video tutorials for bookbinding (different stitches, binding, etc.)

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