My lack of control is 👌💯
Book is Alphonso Dunn’s Pen & Ink Drawing Workbook!

slightly better at curves than straight lines :psyduck:

is now my tag for this haha (it rhymes!!)

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Years of drawing facial hair and short buzz cuts is finally paying off on the uneven hatching exercises 😂

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Messed a lot of these up 👌 sometimes it felt like I draw drawing slugs/worms 😭

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Glad I’m using fountain pen for these because otherwise every pigment/fine liner I have would be dry/dead/blunt by now 😂 though stippling is always a bust 😎

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Revisited an old exercise to see my control improved 🤩 the answer is no 👌

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@dirchansky Hhh I need to find the time to do this, too. My October started too stressfull. 😭
But I'm glad seeing you doing it!!

@fluffyfied the book will always be there for you when you have time and energy for it 👌 take care!!

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