The thumbnail for this particular page was extra hilariously bad and deformed, so here’s a glow-up 😎🔥

Hmmm... cross structure binding lays flat with no glue. I thought about riso but maybe I’ll just do two diff cover colour stocks instead 🧐?? So many options... so much effort 😭

Some WIP because I couldn’t find much visual reference for in-progress steps.

1) You start with 2 separate covers. Back cover A has straps, and the front cover B has the spine + slots to accept straps. Thread A straps into B slots (cut at bottom face/edge of spine)

2) Open the book and sew the signatures to the threaded straps on the inside

3) thread strap through another set of cut slots, at top edge/face of spine

4) thread strap through another set of cut slots, on front cover

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Trying a no-glue way of getting bookblock/signature to stick to spine/cover! This is cross structure binding ‘linked’ (see: )

Prototype made with misprints 👻 I’m impressed with how sturdy it is 🤩 the trimmer is leaving indents on my stock, maybe I shouldn’t be pressing down as hard 🧐
I think the spine is at risk of getting crushed during trimming if your measurements aren’t precise

I still have 2 chapters to ink hahaha, but this prototype book flips like a *dream* after nice...! Getting hype!!

I followed the kettle stitch video from Sea Lemon all of their vids are very easy to follow!

Thinking about getting a curved binding needle because it was hard to get a straight needle underneath the stitches as the signature block became more tighter

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Evolving the prototype ⭐️ Honestly cursed with high effort comic making AND book making 👻 lay flat is so nice but so much work (is it worth it?). I haven’t quite figured out how to best glue the book block to the cover/spine.

My capsule wardrobe in Ctown is mostly just different cuts of black-coloured clothing because that is the safest choice and easiest way to sneak elastic pants into the workplace 😂

Starting to pencil the last (?) chapter for the book.

The story could extend infinitely, so I have been waffling about what to make the cut off for the printed version. There is a lot of neg out there right now, so maybe it would be good to leave things on a more positive note :AAAAAA: I’ve drawn some 4-panel strips exclusive to printed version 🤓 and the freetalk will be weird and random (as usual) with room floorplans, etc.

The very good graduation plush bear that will get cut off in bleed 😭

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🌟Here We Are🌟 chapter 9 is up (12 pages)!!!!

Enjoy some winter feelings ❤️... ❄️

Read from the beginning here 🔥

Did my own vers of hourly comics, which was ink for as many hours as I could until my hand/wrist told me to stop ✋ I thought I could blitz through inking 12 pages, but I WAS WRONG 👻 there are too many crowd scenes 😞

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