Prototyping the print version of 👏 here are some untrimmed book signatures that I printed at home.

You can read it online at 🔥

There are different paper stock colours for different types of chapters 😎 going to add more red and yellow as I draw more!

drafting ch7

Just spent a few hours making bespoke black and white UI for a cellphone texting conversation and wondering why I did that 💀also thinking about how to make these scenes more interesting 🤔

Props to UI designers; getting to that level of clarity and simplicity is truly art 🖼

Sometimes I change comic panels and scenes to increase my opportunities to draw animals ✔️

This is the first time in a while where I’ve drawn a meaningfully hetero couple 🤔

I subject myself to manual foliage drawing instead of taking the shortcuts that are available to me (like CSP tree brushes) :thinkhappy:

Been feeling viscerally sick ever since I came back from DC 💀 but time keeps ticking

Mostly cleaned my gross bathroom today 💀 but squeezed in some inking as well 😤 admiring Ferris’s shapely hair 💯

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