🌟Here We Are🌟 chapter 9 is up (12 pages)!!!!

Enjoy some winter feelings ❤️...

dirchansky.com/hwa/09 ❄️

Read from the beginning here
dirchansky.com/hwa/01 🔥

Here We Are ch.7 is out (24p)

❤️ dirchansky.com/hwa/07

Start from beginning:
🔥 dirchansky.com/hwa/01

(.social's image server is down, but I'll redraft this later when it's back up)

Prototyping the print version of 👏 here are some untrimmed book signatures that I printed at home.

You can read it online at 🔥

There are different paper stock colours for different types of chapters 😎 going to add more red and yellow as I draw more!

Doodle of Merritt and Belmont, characters from the demonoftheunderground.com, which I highly recommend!

Really interesting world building and character development, especially if you engage with all the extra stories as part of Bob Appavu's patreon

Here We Are chapter 5 (8 pages) is out!
❤️ dirchansky.com/hwa/05

You can read from the beginning at
🔥 dirchansky.com/hwa/01 (we're about 50 pages in)

:toucan: Here We Are ch.4 is out (18 pages :AAAAAA: )

❤️ dirchansky.com/hwa/04❤️

1st arc is about dudes in their 20s dealing with love confessions :aaaa:

I'm notoriously bad at reading webcomics, but finally caught up on some:
🔥 novaecomic.com ( LGBT+ historical romance comic steeped in mystery, necromancy and the wonders of the universe)

🔥 demonoftheunderground.com (Urban fantasy/Paranormal/LGBTQ)

I am a multi-purpose/function office machine; super generalist, not a specialist at anything related to comics

Catching up on ch4 drafts. Need to think more about the “non-workout fashion” the other characters will have...


On to drafting chapter 4 😂 (I have no webcomic buffer :thinkhappy: )

Bless roomstyler.com for making bg drawing 1000% easier


👉Here We Are👈 ch 2 is out!

dirchansky.com/hwa/02 👀

Freetalk at the end is extra long-winded because I finished earlier and had more time to type down things in my head.

For fun, here's WIP from Here We Are's chapter 01 👀


From drafts > lines > blacks > tones in clip studio paint. I didn't use fancy comic functions because I don't know how to still haha.

Ch02 is going to be released this Saturday Jan 26th!!🔥 Look forward to a change of mood from ch01 :psyduck: !

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