The thumbnail for this particular page was extra hilariously bad and deformed, so here’s a glow-up 😎🔥

I was red-penning/editing hardcopy on the plane and cringing at all my bad lettering/bubbling choices and bad drawings (even tho at max they’re 2 years old) 💀TBH a big part of this is just me taking 1+ years of drawing/prototyping to figure out what your chara are meant to look like 😇 haven’t even done a speech/voice pass yet 🐌

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@fluffyfied it is so fun 😂 I haven't played any mods, but I played multiplayer a while back and was just leeching off my friend who was rich and had a production line of high-selling produce and wine haha. I was in charge of taking care of the animals.

It's hard to set boundaries with this game :toucan:

Hmmm... cross structure binding lays flat with no glue. I thought about riso but maybe I’ll just do two diff cover colour stocks instead 🧐?? So many options... so much effort 😭

@fluffyfied the lighting from the phone on the figure is SPOT ON! Lovely~

@fluffyfied Ohh thank you for reading!! Their loggersports hobby more or less disappears after chapter 4 LOL sorry in advance!!!!

It's always nice to meet up with fellow creators and talk shop about comic-making. BR was scrolling through my latest chapter on his phone and telling me about all the things he liked/admired about it. So generous...normally I get zero compliments on my stuff so I was screaming internally about it. I think he is one of <4 people I know who read my comic, which is pretty good considering my lack of promotion :thinkhappy:

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Some WIP because I couldn’t find much visual reference for in-progress steps.

1) You start with 2 separate covers. Back cover A has straps, and the front cover B has the spine + slots to accept straps. Thread A straps into B slots (cut at bottom face/edge of spine)

2) Open the book and sew the signatures to the threaded straps on the inside

3) thread strap through another set of cut slots, at top edge/face of spine

4) thread strap through another set of cut slots, on front cover

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Trying a no-glue way of getting bookblock/signature to stick to spine/cover! This is cross structure binding ‘linked’ (see: )

Prototype made with misprints 👻 I’m impressed with how sturdy it is 🤩 the trimmer is leaving indents on my stock, maybe I shouldn’t be pressing down as hard 🧐
I think the spine is at risk of getting crushed during trimming if your measurements aren’t precise

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✨I'm gonna be 37 next week and I'm still making fan comics for things, in case you thought you needed to listen to kids telling you that you need to get out by 30✨

@fluffyfied I'm thinking about it because it means I don't have to spend a lot of money to print books that won't really sell 😂 it's the tradeoff between my money/physical space and my time haha

Yeah I'm glad to have different signature colours, glad you think it looks good too!!!!

I still have 2 chapters to ink hahaha, but this prototype book flips like a *dream* after nice...! Getting hype!!

I followed the kettle stitch video from Sea Lemon all of their vids are very easy to follow!

Thinking about getting a curved binding needle because it was hard to get a straight needle underneath the stitches as the signature block became more tighter

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Evolving the prototype ⭐️ Honestly cursed with high effort comic making AND book making 👻 lay flat is so nice but so much work (is it worth it?). I haven’t quite figured out how to best glue the book block to the cover/spine.

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