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Suspicious choices, with rationale to be revealed later...? :thinkhappy:

I already have 16 pages of thumbnails and I’ve only hit about 4 BL tropes 💀

The other guy was based on plants, so this guy is based on birds...

It is easy to draw dreadful expressions when that is what you feel the most in your own life 😂👌

Back in Ctown, managing to badly sketch 1 page per flight 🐢for some characters I feel compelled to draw them weirder and goofier.

I wonder when I purged SD/chibi-mode out of my comics :thinkhappy:

Trying to mash as many glasses and BL tropes as I can into one story 🧀

When you’re confident you have the finances to make the purchase, but not confident about the comic deadlines you set for yourself :AngeryCat: :aaaa: :AAAAAA: :angery: ty Wai for helping me 🥰

I went down a rabbit hole to investigate different styles of convocation robes and hoods, but rest assured, these details will not matter once I flood fill the robe in black

Got into so now the deadlines for comic book production are real 👻

The show is free to the public
May 8-10 2020

Come meet and support comic artists 🔥 there is a professional development day for comic creators on Friday May 8!

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