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Regular ppl: Are you on social media? Can I add you?

Me: ( I want to get into explaining why I'm on masto and pixelfed and not any mainstream social media site)

🔥 Free digital book 🔥

TCAF 2020 Digital Showcase of comic exhibitors who were slated to exhibit at (

Has 100+ exhibitors and 3 comic page samples from each exhibitor. Also includes an original comic one-shot!

I think it's a nice way to browse and find new creators/publishers to follow :); I know I have!

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Hello! I've just released a mini fan-zine for one of my favourite games of all time, Silent Hill 2! A masterpiece of horror that still hold up today, Silent Hill 2 follows a hapless and desperate James Sunderland as he searches for his long dead wife in a hellish abandoned resort town, filled with monsters and environments that seem to have crawled directly from his subconscious.

Free, or PWYC!

Link here:

Art prints vs comic 

It's interesting how a single page of art on paper is valuated to be worth more (and exclusive) in our society, vs multiple pages of a MANY ARTWORKS on a comic page x 100

Is it b/c prints can framed? How did this come to be?

Comics are weirdly commoditized and generally comic artists get paid way less than a commercial editorial illustrator for $/h effort/labour/experience

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Art prints vs comic 

Most ppl sell their mass-produced art prints for 10-20$ and then I look at myself selling 50-150p handbound comics for the same, and think about how the relative valuation is really out of whack.

Totally legit for folks to charge whatever price they want for their prints, but ppl expect your indie comics to be same price as a comic they can get in store.

New comic anthology preview for my masto fam :)

✨✨ BLTease ✨✨

BOYS LOVE 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 x TROPE Comic Anthology 👓

Featuring @10thcard, Maguro, and @dirchansky

Cover: will be screenprinted (design and art by
Binding: handbound perfect
Insides: ~52 pages b/w

Thanks to the folks who soft preordered the printed version of !

I'm going to buy some supplies and toner to make enough for the handful of you!

Get ready...for extremely scrappy OOAK bent all over the place :thinkhappy:

Ehehe decorating new with cute shiba inu design by belugachop 😊 realized I still have stickers from the 90s so I made a rule to use at least 2 stickers from every sheet...

Also did a pen/see-through test on the paper. Performed similar to my previous Leuchtturm so far, but this paper has a cross-grid pattern instead of dot grid. I have no idea what kind of paper it is!

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Still 10 perforated pages left :aaaa: though generally feeling like I should’ve started arc 2 notes in a new notebook, otherwise I might have to refer to 2 notebooks for a while...

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Figured out now I can post my short and bad WIP animatic for :aaaa:

Shoutout to the cool/skillful people I'll be collaborating with:
🎼 Music - Nos
🎙️ V/O for Austin - Bradley Gareth
🎙️ V/O for Jake - Eddy Yeung

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Hey everyone! Sometimes the communities here on Mastodon can feel a little sparse, so let's fix that and make an artist thread where we can find each other, and let others find us too! Recommend me your fav artists here on Mastodon!

Check below for my own and others' recommendations! Post links to your friends, or promote your own art!

Then boost so everyone else can see them too!

Relearning how to draw Fake.

After drawing so much Jake and Austin jock body I have to consciously de-bulk this guy’s body :thinkhappy:

Took HOURS of matchmaking before my daughter was able to marry May’s special guest garbage

I really want garbage genes...

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