I'm happy with my Bolt, but 12 months ago, it was the only 250 mile EV costing an affordable price (I paid under $42k top-spec before incentives)

Model 3 kinda exists now (but not affordably).

Awaiting Kia & Hyundai options this fall

not for me, I don't need another new car. But generally. I don't want proper-range EVs to be a binary choice between teeny Chevy or monstrously expensive Tesla/Jaguar

This shower thought brought to you by a 60-second announcement from Ford that they'll start selling an electric SUV. In 2020. They paid to advertise a car I doubt even has concept art yet.


Oh, remember, mileage estimates on EVs are imaginary. The Bolt is rated for 238.

For me, that means 250 average, in summer - between 200 and 300 estimate, based on driving style. In New England winter, it's 180 *barely*

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@directhex My brother has a Bolt and a motorcycle to minimize his gas consumption. I moved to the Bay Area and take the bus/train a lot. Sides, coin.

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