I've been meaning to write this thread for a while.

Games services, and how they handle crossing borders.

Let's start with the S tier. Steam is an easy process, if you change country. So is Xbox. Just click the option.

Then there's the services which require you contacting customer service to change region. UPlay, or Blizzard, for example. Sometimes, this might include "now fax us proof of address". It sucks! Note how I haven't changed these!

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Nintendo is an outlier. If you only care about Switch, they're S tier. If you care about 3DS, they're in the shit tier. 3DS games are region locked. You cannot transfer digital titles across region, full stop.

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And it's extra shitty! If you buy a NA 3DS, and try to do an account transfer from an EU 3DS, it just claims it cannot find the device. Super region locked! Shitty!

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Continuing the shit parade: Sony. PSN accounts are region locked, and you can't do any kind of transfer. So change region? You need to discard all your trophies (or split them between accounts). PSN subscriptions make it worse.

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And the shittiest of all award goes to Square. No region changes at all, for FF14. And if you bought the game on Steam, you're locked out. Forever. They do IP detection to prevent logging in from the wrong region!

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Oh, another word on consoles. Power. The PS4 has an integrated, non-voltage-switching power supply. You're gonna need a chonky transformer, or a replacement internal PSU and no fear, to use it abroad.

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Switch power supplies are easy to buy at retail.

And Xbox? Go to the MS support site, you can order a region-local power supply to any billing address (i.e. they mail an NA supply to a NA address).

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