the 'prisoner-of-war-camp hallucination' is one of the most powerful, both in and out of the sensory deprivation tank

the only compelling reason to visit hell is: you can hear the famous 'hell voice'

if the movie theater doesn't tell you to 'enjoy the show' then legally you can feel any emotion you want for at least the next 90 minutes

look. if it were really in your head you wouldn't be screaming "GET OUT OF MY HEAD", now, would you?

'infinite scroll'? ha. page down until you find the Last Post to unleash the mystic energies of the moon

with the fusion reactor offline, it looks as though we're doomed. luckily, however, i've saved a cup of the water i just boiled my pasta in, and soon the reactor is up and running again

the average American priest is forced to make one little escape from the cathedral every day. every donation helps

anyway. good telemetry. i'm hoping she's using the data from my funeral as a pretext for commissioning another body

my loot depot is full of novels you can read while riding the traffic jam that surrounds it

Time For The World's Major Religions To State The Case For Secular Human Absurdity

when you come into contact with an Organic Thing, stop and take special precautions!

my own parents' funeral was interrupted by a porn van driven into their house

these are the male body types you're going to be mourning in 2020

imprisoned cars praying to The Fountain of Unrequited Complaints

waves of undiagnosed childhood cancer floating through the lagoon at dusk

we've created the communications platform for rural love

The point-blank refusal of 'The Evils of Boston' to characterize the city, or indeed name directly any of the evils native to it, is regarded as a rhetorical triumph

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Until the publication in 1882 of the 9-volume 'The Evils of Boston', nothing was known of that city; thereafter, it could only be said with certainty that Boston was evil

atheism is a form of religion where gods do not play dice or otherwise exert any influence on human affairs

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