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introduction Follow back it's helldudes nephew from st. Louis and marx and Lenin Lil cousin and Trotsky Son Follow Back

Hello friends I got an iPhone and can use mastodon in my phone now


being against blood diamonds is boujie slacktivism when we eat slave chocolate every day

i chant "THERE WILL BE NO HORNY ON MY TIMELINE" three times before logging on, and alas, there is honry.,..

i tolerate my daughter being a purple hair sjw of indeterminate gender i am not raising a fuckin gamergater

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we need to come up with new animal mascot for the fediverse that isn’t associated with toot jack

may I suggest the platybelodon?

Many college students have gone to college
And gotten hooked on drugs, marijuana, and alcohol
Listen, stop trying to be somebody else
Don't try to be someone else
Be yourself and know that that's good enough
Don't try to be someone else
Don't try to be like someone else
Don't try to act like someone else, be yourself
Be secure with yourself
Rely and trust upon your own decisions
On your own beliefs
You understand the things that I've taught you
Not to drink alcohol, not to use drugs
Don't use th

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