Weet iemand of er al ergens een handleiding bestaat over het opstellen van een verzoek op basis van de nieuwe Wet Open Overheid? Zijn er speciale dingen waar je op moet letten?

Statistics Netherlands plans to produce statistics on social unrest, at the request of the police and the Ministry of Justice and Security dirkmjk.nl/en/newsletter

The strikes also played an interesting role in the history of the Dutch trade union movement: dirkmjk.nl/en/441/trade-union-

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The Nazis used brutal repression to crush the strikes. Some considered them a failure, but for Bouman they marked a turning point in the history of the Dutch resistance, giving the people a sense of what they were capable of.

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On 29 April 1943, wildcat strikes broke out in the Netherlands to protest against the Nazi occupation. They started with a walkout at the Stork factory in Hengelo, and quickly spread across the country.

These strike density maps for 30 April and 1 and 2 May are from a report for the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (P.J. Bouman 1950, De april-mei-stakingen van 1943).

Note that it’s allowed to place your regular bicycle in a dedicated bike share rack.

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Why has Amsterdam decided to allow the re-introduction of «shared bicycles»? And will such a scheme work in a city where almost everybody has their own bicycle?



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