Look a couple weeks back and ahead in your calendar to find unfinished tasks and opportunities to make things go more smoothly for yourself.

Decide on one thing you’d really like to do, and do that.

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OK some real KonMari talk: you should USE your best stuff instead of saving it for Special Occasions. We have these fancy, expensive plates that I use every day for everything - eggs on toast, fruit, curries, whatever. One day they will break, and that’s OK because I will have gotten a lot of - yes - joy from them. (FYI it turns out really nice plates are extremely tough and seem invulnerable to scratches, so there’s also a Vimes-style savings to be…

What worked well? Optimize for more of that.

Accept the truth that your to-do list often grows bigger than your availability. Focus on your real, active, current goals, projects, and tasks. Prune away or defer the rest.

You don’t have to be responsible for making sure all of your former stuff reaches its proper place in the universe.

This mindset leads to other good questions. For example:
• What do I want to see (and not see) when I walk in the front door?
• What is bedtime like when it leads me into a great night's sleep?
• What would a good mentor provide me now?
Give that part of your world a nudge in the right direction.

First step: Do better than just survive December.

Congratulations on reaching this point! Give yourself the reward of more happiness and calm. ❤️

Think back on your past:
• What did you learn from good but not ideal apartments, jobs, and relationships?
• Are there patterns or antipatterns that point you in the direction of positive change in your life today?

Add this question to your mental toolbox: “What does this look like when it works?” You can apply that to any functional object, space, time, or relationship that is currently less than ideal.

After leaning toward positive change for a while, you have a supportive framework of good habits, can see the rewards of your decisions and what you did about them, and have replaced some of your less exciting quantity with energizing quality. Now it’s time to turn up the volume on the awesomeness and build the habit of upgrading your experiences.

Look back on your year and see how things compare to last December. Recognize and enjoy the improvements you’ve made in your world.
• What has provided you with the most satisfaction?
• Can you do more in that area to provide a similar payoff?

This is the season to say thanks to yourself. Seek out the right choices you've made in the past year, great and small, and acknowledge your good sense in curing those causes of dissatisfaction.

20/20 Hindsight

When Discardia comes around in December on that shortest day—the winter solstice—celebrate by releasing yourself from a self-imposed deadline and giving thanks for what is good in the world. In addition, let this also be the season of giving yourself what you need to be truly joyful and just plain happy.

Happy Discardia!

Nice long Discardian holiday season this time, lasting through January 5th.

Time to look at the year behind & ahead. Acknowledge where you've been & what you've learned. See the possibilities you've created for yourself. Choose where you want to be heading.

You are allowed to put things on hold and to let go of projects you have abandoned. Apply your energy toward your current goals.

Make a space to do what you love. Respect and enable what feeds your soul.

Do you have a better reason to keep this than you do to free the space it’s taking up in your life?

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