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Winding down a project by making a list of things that I won't be doing anymore is satisfying - there is a lot of busywork on that list.

"I’m learning the importance of doing what works for me because it works for me, and encourage you to do the same."

– Alexandra Erin

This Discardia season lasts from today (the solstice) to July 9th (the next new moon), so we've got a nice long one this time. Enjoy!

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"the necessary ingredient needed to make the past work for the future is our energy in the present, metabolizing one in to the other." – Audre Lorde

I wish you a Discardia season of fierce love and care for yourself and commitment to making tomorrow better for you and your community.

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@ed_packet But, Ed, remember? You put one in storage with Ebay. You just need to pay the "free unless you ever need it" storage fee to get it out.

If you want more space for you now, find replaceable things you aren't using and send them into the future*. Sure there's a fee to retrieve them** if you do need them, but it's often heavily discounted by all the stuff you didn't retrieve.

*Give them away (or sell them if they're really worth more than that hassle).
**Buying a (probably better) replacement.

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Discardia is the transition from thinking of your stuff as possessions to thinking of it as a service or information resource.

It's the last day of this season of Discardia, and time to let yourself set down a weight you don't need to be carrying.

Sit with that part of you that is stuck with an old load and feel their real feeling.

Let them know that here in the present you don't need that weight. Invite them to set it down and see it there, on the ground, in the past.

And then invite that past self to come with you into the present, free from what it has been suffering with.

Do something fun to please yourselves.

Nice long Discardia season this time, until April 11th!

Schedule time with yourself to let the anxiety dissipate.

What are you needing most right now?
What have you learned you need or want more of in general?
What have you learned you need or want less of in your life?

Appreciate your growing wisdom & give yourself these changes.

Happy Discardia!
Let go of fear of getting vaccinated. All of them are good & they work.

Let go of fear that this will last forever. We’re making huge progress & things are getting better.

Don’t let go of your good safety habits; we still need them.

For example, let go of confusing the shape of your relationships (e.g. we spend this much time in person together; we label our relationship as…) with the relationship itself. Focus on the connection and mutual giving, not on the specific outline you or society is used to.

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Happy Discardia, everyone!

2020 is giving us a big lesson in letting go of our habits and assumptions about how we do things. Take that as a gift you can continue to use. Open yourself to more options in how to fill your needs. Method is not the same as result.

Happy Discardia!

Take a few minutes to discard the the feeling in your body of carrying worries about the past and future.

Plant your feet on the ground, breathe deep and slow three times in and out, and feel yourself right here, where you are right now, with what is immediately around you. That's all you need to deal with in this moment.

You have this moment available to you to feel solid underfoot and to feel your body breathing. You're OK.

Do this as often as you want.

That might be as small (but still valuable) as leaving Twitter for Mastodon or as big as joining the Wall of Moms and Dads.

Integrity is the integration of your beliefs and your daily actions.

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Choose a pattern you want to change, and begin those changes.

Free yourself from lower priority activities, distractions, and mental clutter to build the world you want to live in.

Work on your priorities, not what’s freshest.

What can you measure to see you’re making progress?

What floodgates have you opened onto yourself under which you’re currently standing, complaining about how wet you are?

Make your surroundings harmonize with what you’re there to do.

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