What could you completely or mostly eliminate and then replace with something more important to you?

Make sure your everyday life reflects and reinforces what you love.

Strive for your own dreams, not one someone else—especially not some advertiser—tells you that you should want.

Rename your "to-read" stack as your "support artists and have handy reading options" stack.

Once you've bought a book new, it has served the first purpose.
Once a book has been with you a while and you've dipped into it a little, or even just used its presence to bask in the world of possibility, it has served the second purpose.

Permit books to move on to a new home whenever they've met that standard. Not every book is the book for you (or you now). Let it find its reader elsewhere.

Has the temporary lingered longer than you intended?

How long will that dreaded chore actually take? How lovely will it feel to have it out of your way?

Happy New Year!

Take your self out of storage and see where you want to go.

Happy Discardia, everyone!

Uncover what brings you joy.

What positive next step uses your current skills, abilities, and willpower?

What is it that you want to create, do, or be?

Look ahead and make things easier for future-you.

Make room for your current dreams by clearing away the things which were part of dreams you no longer have.

(The prequel to this is to acknowledge that within a given day you may feel a pull toward several "#1" priorities. 😀 )

The details of which top thing to do are insignificant compared to the impact of staying focused on the key stuff.

Don’t spend more time maintaining your to-do list than doing what’s on it.

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