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Make time and space to do what you love, with people you love.

Start approaching your list of projects a little more like a D.J. What’s the right mix for here and now?

Big Discardia news!
• updating the site
• more posting here on Mastodon
• Discardia Patreon community
• a revised and expanded edition of the book

I say keep the things that are both beautiful and useful to you and perhaps define the utility of formals in a longer than six month cycle, but move the rest along. Don’t let the fear of being caught unprepared for exceptional events make your daily encounter with your closet a hassle.

However, I have seen people keep something ostensibly for the reason “I might need to wear it if I go to a formal event” but really for the reason “I spent too much on this and it fits me completely wrong and I haven't worn it the last five times I've been invited to a formal event, but maybe if I hold onto it somehow that money will magically have been wisely spent.”

Remember, Someday Is Now still applies when it comes to your dress clothes; we simply define ‘now’ as being a longer time range. When you haven’t worn that suit or gown in six months, but you don’t want to be in the lurch if you get invited to a fancy occasion, you can still hold onto it ‘just in case’ provided that it fits you well and you actually like wearing it.

Don’t hang onto things that you never use. Send that just-not-you suit to one of the great organizations helping low-income businesspeople carry themselves to success. Give that big, out-of-fashion winter coat to charity and save someone from the chill. Let that over-the-top formalwear send someone on a tight budget to the prom or a holiday party in style. Move the neglected items out of your space and into the arms of someone who really appreciates them.

Someone else needs to be warm more than you need to maintain The Gallery of Unwanted Winterwear. As the sunshine blooms and you shed layers, do the same thing, but with bathing suits, shorts, lightweight dresses, halter tops, sandals, and t-shirts.

The change of the seasons into summer and winter is a good time to revisit things in your closet because it gives you a chance to look again at clothes you haven’t worn since last year and decide if you love them enough to renew their contract as players on your team. When the chill grows in the air, go through all those coats, sweaters, scarves, mittens, boots, etc. and decide what you're going to wear within the next thirty days. If it doesn't make the cut, get rid of it.

My big Quality Over Quantity theme this year (besides not over-scheduling myself, which is a big part of my health management) has been pruning and adjusting my wardrobe. My clothes need to reflect who I am now, feel good on the body I have now, and support my happiness and wellness.

I'll be sharing more about this in the weeks ahead, but for the moment here's a little excerpt from my book Discardia: More Life, Less Stuff:

"Oh! I need to send a Happy Discardia message out on Mastodon! It's September, so it's about Quality Over Quantity."

Action, while getting water to drink at my desk:
Rearrange two kitchen cupboards to be much more convenient and easy to reach things we use often (and make us more likely to use up our overstock of some things).


So, Happy Discardia, everyone!

I am so on brand. 😊

Discard the idea that someone else will take always care of the problem.

Discardia supports the Global Climate Strike.

Discard apathy and overwhelm tomorrow. Join the Global Climate Strike and support strikers worldwide.

Let's turn our backs on the age of fossil fuels and move ahead together into a sustainable future!

If, like me, you found the style of the Fly Lady site too sugar sweet to connect with, I recommend trying the videos from Diane in Denmark instead. I've gained a lot of good habit progress since I began using them for inspiration.

This video from January really helps show her style (and her lovely Scottish accent):

Her "Flylady's 31 Babysteps" is the best place to dive in:

Try having Diane keep you company next time you're folding laundry. :)

Think of your closet as a service rather than a collection and make a habit of staying on the right service plan with only the features you need.

If you are having a really hard time emotionally with donating/trashing/recycling something that no longer belongs in your life, try selling it instead.

"My sense is that consumers become less exercised over the moral dimensions of what ultimately happens to discards when they dispose of them via commercial transactions.” – Adam Minter

(Quote from this interview: )

Happy Discardia!

Where is the friction that most directly impacted your life over the past month?

Turn your attention for the next 12 days to improving things in that area.

Just one common example:

Bad or insufficient sleep? Take a break from devices in the bedroom, step away from online/TV distractions for an earlier bedtime, and make your bedroom space as calm as possible.

Give yourself twelve days of gently nudging your world in the direction of better wherever you need it most.

(And while we're on the topic, today would be a great day to put in that request to take September 20th off. You should join the strike whether they approve it or no—if your circumstances allow—but maybe you can get the schedule change without friction by asking this far in advance. )

Refusing to do some things sets you free to do what you really want or need to do.

What would you say to cheer, warn, and teach the person you used to be? What would the older and wiser version of you say to you now?

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