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Be doing something that really matters to you more of the time than not.

Take an easy win first and then use that victory to give you strength to tackle the tougher stuff.

Another pattern that works for some people is a completely clean surface. For these folks, it really helps to designate cupboard space in their kitchens for appliance garages and easy to grab cooking items.

I like open space, but totally open turns out to flummox me with too many choices. Instead I stock the edges of my space with only what I need most often or wish to encourage myself to use. I leverage this pattern to get tasks done by putting that item in the "launch pad" area of my desk.

Arrange your home and workspace in the way that creates calm and focus for you.

Everyone is different. It takes some experimentation, but you'll be able to start finding your patterns and building on them.

For example, I find words can get stuck in my head and distract me, so I'm extremely careful about what is visible. At home I cover my tissue boxes so I don't have the brand name showing. In hotel rooms I put all those cards they leave everywhere into a drawer and I instantly feel better.

What's one change you can make today that will make today or tomorrow better or more in alignment with your top goals?

Free your life of stuff you don’t actually want.

What single thing could you accomplish in the next thirty minutes to best improve your life?

Start brainstorming about all the ways you can trade the bad for the good.

Move the least inspiring part closer to out-of-your-life.

What’s the first step toward what you want?

Make time every week to think about what matters in the week ahead.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

Let go of your hurry and listen for what you can do to make your life better.

Eliminate a temptation to be who you don’t want to be.

Do what the person you want to be would do.

(sharing this again with the hashtag this time)

Big news!
• updating the site
• more posting here on Mastodon
• Discardia Patreon community
• a revised and expanded edition of the book

Connect with someone who helps you sort out where you want to be heading.

Make your easiest, most automatic behavior take you toward where you want to be.

Give a part of your world a nudge in the right direction.

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