Since Mastodon is more like Twitter in 2012. Can we bring some of the trends back here?

चैन ना जाने, दर्द न जाने
दिल तो बस दिल को पहचाने
मिला जो संग तेरा
उड़ा पतंग मेरा हवा में होके मलंग

On social media, your clout matters.

In real life, nobody gives a shit about your clout.

You be good to people irrespective of whether they are useful to you or not.

The biggest strength of a human being is the mental strength which can also be their biggest weakness.

Italy to become first country to make learning about climate change compulsory for school students - CNN

I want. I want 😍

Sony releases a Walkman for its 40th anniversary

"Miracles happen every day. Change your will see them around you." - Jon Bon Jovi

Marriage proposal se zyada SEO proposal aate hai mujhe.

What if we are all a story in each other's life like a Whatsapp or an Instagram story?

Destiny is the algorithm then.

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