I have seen the link going around that lists various mastodon apps, but are there are good reviews of apps (iOS specifically). Currently using Amaroq which is mostly ok except that the feed always scrolls to the top when it updates. It makes it really hard for me to want to read if I have to keep scrolling back to my place. Basically I want Tweetbot for Mastodon.

There's a list of apps for damn well everything somewhere on github that I just found: github.com/tootsuite/documenta

Is this published anywhere else more discoverable?

Also our carbon monoxide detector decided its batteries needed to be changed at 3am. It shouts unintelligible instructions at you while it beeps. Uuuggh.

Finally Friday. This week has felt like it was a month long, probably because I was off for two weeks?

Trying to write helpful, usable end-user documentation for what is a complicated, unusable (vendor provided) interface is an exercise in something, tell you what. It’s hard to make the documentation shorter when ONE process (out of 5 minimum) requires 13 steps. 13!!!

First day back at work after a two week vacation, not counting the two days I went in for ~1 hr to attend interviews for candidates who might be my new boss. I didn’t have to go in, but decided it was in my best interest to meet these people. Not that I think they will pick the person that I liked the best. 🙁

Is there any way to find and install older versions of iOS apps?

I recently unearthed my old iPhone 3g, which no longer has a sim but WiFi still works fine. I’m thinking of plugging it into my alarm clock (which has the right pin connector!) so I can maybe listen to news in the morning that does not publicize white supremacy (if that even exists).

Very interesting, well-researched new report on drivers for higher ed cost. Spoiler alert: it’s really not caused by fancy swimming pools and too many deans. mhec.org/sites/default/files/r

Well it didn’t get super cool overnight, but it was cool enough to finally open the windows. So glad for the break in the weather.

We discovered that there were wasps probably starting to build a nest in a niche inside our kitchen screen door. Spouse has gone out to spray, having rejected my suggestion of burning the house down.

There is a student driver attempting to parallel park across the street from my house.

Okay so I’ll post this here since I’m pretty sure nobody from work is on Mastodon.

There is a job posting that is really really a great fit, working for my former boss, who I really loved and miss, that I really want to apply for. BUT: It’s 100 miles away and I can’t move. I also have no idea what the pay range is. My spouse thinks I am insane to even contemplate commuting. But recent changes at my current place of employment make me less interested in staying. What would you do?

Went upstairs where it is currently 88F. I drape myself across the foot of the bed because it’s closer to the AC, and of course a cat comes up and snuggles right next to me. Why warm mammal, why?

“This is not the best Billy Ocean song.” <——— thing I just said, out loud.

I blame the rum.

Reliving the mid-80s courtesy of YouTube an memories of middle school chorus, where we had to sing a Miami Sound Machine medley.

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