Still sick. Hoping for new shows able to be recorded tomorrow.

@BryanLunduke I asked this before you got sick but I have a FOSS project that implements D3D9 over Vulkan. Once "complete" it should be faster and more consistent than wine's OpenGL implementation. What are your thoughts?

@BryanLunduke I run an open source project called which is a d3d9 implementation over Vulkan. The goal is to have better performance and compatibility than the implementation in Wine. What is your opinion of my project and others like it?

@BryanLunduke I run a small open source project to implement d3d9 over Vulkan instead of opengl. The purpose is to make proprietary games run better under wine. I know you like open source but also like games. how do you feel about projects like mine? fyi the project is vk9.

@BryanLunduke I wondered why there was no video, oh well Friday just got better. :-)


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