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soulja boy has a discord, finally a reason to make an account

hey siri is ted cruz related to taio cruz

I have just learned of the phrase "root and boot", which is apparently australian slang for a one night stand and not something you do to an android phone

thought my timeline was broken because it was only showing tweets from hours ago turns out it's just pepsi on a retweeting spree LOL

Hopped Up Out The Bed, Turn My Swag On (I call my computer Swag)

or at least stop DMCAing everybody that tries to open a private sevrer

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cmon fellas just bring back the original game. that's the only thing that made flash worth installing

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LOL the inferior version of club penguin known as "club penguin island" is shutting down at the end of this year

graphic description of death 


virtualbox is the ultimate argument against FOSS

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making a diss track against virtualbox

campaign to get people to turn on 2fa using the song Two Step by Unk

lol a facebook friend shared a screenshot of a @picklemaddierix post

The best forum thread ever is still this argument about how many days there are in a week

Timeline Summary:
Garbage Guts
Tik Tok (The App Not The Kesha Song)
Hillary Clinton

and Pepsi being Pepsi but that's a given

thought i clicked on pepsi's profile by accident turns out my timeline is just full of him LOL

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