Goodbye my special grump. She always hated having her photo taken. Now she can swear at other cats and bird all she wants.

The city is fairly quiet this time of year. Still very windy though. Also, thankfully my side of the country isn’t on fire, I feel for the east coast, and am very angry at the government at the moment.

20 years ago today my partner and I started dating. For both of us it was kind of a short-term rebound relationship. I think we did it wrong. Anyway, here's to another 20 years.

"I need a new body," the robot said.
"Again? You've only had it a few years."
"Seven years. It is worn out."
"I'm not getting a new body every seven years."
"Would you, if you could?"

"Excuse me," the robot said, "but I must go recharge."
"So soon?"
"My microphones are bad. I compensate by running audio processing at a higher clock speed, but that drains my batteries faster."
"Oh. I just thought you weren't very social."
"Many of us have similar issues."

I'm now on Mastodon! @distantcam Much less of a dumpster fire than Twitter.


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