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Hi, I'm Anthony, the owner of Diverse Tech Geek, a blog about media (including comics/animation), technology , and diversity issues in the above.

Re: , my tastes are more Squirrel Girl, webcomics, and Lumberjanes. Not so much modern-comic-Batman/"grimdark."

Re: , I use a mix of things. I have Ubuntu MATE on my laptop, but also use an iPhone.

Interested in seeing what Mastodon has to offer, especially as an alternative to running a Facebook page for my blog.

Looking over the list of graphic novels/TPBs read this year so far. The running themes mostly seem to be: TV spinoffs; comic strips/webcomics; something with gay characters; Squirrel Girl; Bronze Age superheroes; and stuff that's a combination of the above.

Also looking at the "to be read" list of TPBs/GNs, it's A) more of the same and B) a long list at this point (and just got longer today)...

Some additional notes about treating your blog like a business:
- make a schedule and stick to it (David needs to do this!)
- pay attention to analytics
- make growth plans and goals
- set realistic goals to celebrate
- keep learning! Invest in yourself! #wcnyc

How to monetize your blog:

- ad networks
- affiliate programs
- sell guest posts on your site
- sell posts to other sites
- sell ebooks, downloads, or other services

Design your blog for SEO:

- use WordPress!
- make your site responsive (mobile friendly)
- create a relevant and structured menu
- use text with keywords on every page
- David bonus: use semantic HTML, aka proper headings

Design your blog for retention:

- feature articles above the fold
- use tags and categories well
- promote content in widget areas and related content below posts
- include a call to action to subscribe

Design your blog for credibility

- create a simple, adaptable logo
- create a strong about page and a way to contact you
- use high quality photos
- use https (David note: available free on via !)

Favorite articles roundup for the week of September 13, 2019, including Uber and Lyft planning to fight a California bill regulating the "gig economy"

Favorite articles roundup for the week of September 6, 2019, including thoughts on Marvel and Scholastic working together to publish kids' graphic novels, plus Apple Music gets a web player

Comics reading lately: the IDW "Jem and the Holograms" comics, plus a few collections of "Sarah's Scribbles."

Also updated my comics and (prose) book reading lists. Good thing the library here is thorough (Libby's a nice app), plus there's digital/subscription services (Comixology Unlimited, Hoopla Digital, Shonen Jump).

From 2015: the end of the annual Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethons. (Also, does anyone remember the "ice bucket challenge?")

Favorite articles roundup for the week of August 30, 2019, including Disney's D23 expo news, plus Glimpse, a fork of GIMP with a less problematic name

Trying Apple Notes after ignoring it versus going with other options (Simplenote)/looking at others (Joplin, Standard Notes) and wanting an alternative to Evernote or OneNote. So far seems OK, plus it’s more secure than Simplenote (there’s actual 2FA)...

A look at comics of interest coming out in November 2019, including the final issue of "The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl." Plus, is Archie no longer publishing ongoing monthly single-issue comics?

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