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Hi, I'm Anthony, the owner of Diverse Tech Geek, a blog about media (including comics/animation), technology , and diversity issues in the above.

Re: , my tastes are more Squirrel Girl, webcomics, and Lumberjanes. Not so much modern-comic-Batman/"grimdark."

Re: , I use a mix of things. I have Ubuntu MATE on my laptop, but also use an iPhone.

Interested in seeing what Mastodon has to offer, especially as an alternative to running a Facebook page for my blog.

My comics picks for December 2019, including a graphic novel starring Zatanna, plus a new "Love and Capes" trade paperback

I’ve swapped out Xubuntu in my laptop for Linux Mint Cinnamon, after getting fed up with a few of the former’s major flaws. So far, Mint/Cinnamon seems slicker than when I last tried it. Also everything ”just works” so far.

It's the 21st night of September, so here's the classic Earth, Wind and Fire song "September"

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