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Hi, I'm Anthony, the owner of Diverse Tech Geek, a blog about media (including comics/animation), technology , and diversity issues in the above.

Re: , my tastes are more Squirrel Girl, webcomics, and Lumberjanes. Not so much modern-comic-Batman/"grimdark."

Re: , I use a mix of things. I have Ubuntu MATE on my laptop, but also use an iPhone.

Interested in seeing what Mastodon has to offer, especially as an alternative to running a Facebook page for my blog.

Cartoons that should've entered public domain today (but didn't), from "The Avengers" and "X-Men" to "Tennessee Tuxedo"

A look back at Marvel over the 2010s, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to new characters like Kamala Khan and Miles Morales

My look at DC Comics in the 2010s, and its fate for the next decade. (My advice: read the YA graphic novels and ignore the "main" books.)

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