@Drops In 20 years, it's not clear for me that they still will need to run for presidency to run the world.

Imagine 20 years from now Zuckerberg, Bezos or some of the other internet owners are running for president.

Knowing the shopping history of all their opponents, or their private messages.

@selea no, not everyone thinks that way. Smart people challenge their beliefs continuously and do not think that their opinions are the best.

There used to be apples which fell down and others which flew up into other space.
Those which flew up did not get to reproduce. So apples evolved to fall down.

Without any of his fans knowing he was ill, Chadwick Boseman gave us many of the greatest turns of Black performance in film, including one of the most beloved and iconic Black superheroes of our present time: a king, a leader, trying to make a better world.

Wakanda Forever.

Action precedes motivation, procrastination precedes frustration.

My recipe to getting shit done is breaking down tasks into smaller and smaller chunks, until they seem almost too trivial to accomplish. Take baby steps into the right direction instead of going for the big leaps! Persist and you will eventually get there. Believe in yourself!

Let's be honest, the stock market is just one big, legal casino where people go gambling.

If you're saying you're an expert in investing and the stock market, I don't believe you any more than a compulsive gambler guessing the next card in Black Jack.

Never forget, there's a difference between confidence and arrogance.

@trechnex Governments need to realise that they've been treating "essential workers" as "unskilled workers"

Gotta be honest, I could get used to a world where people are encouraged to clean their hands regularly and not stand too close to me in queues. I hope these things are permanent

@praxeology 'fedizen' was also independently proposed by @theruran before you, so that's gaining traction :)

Problem with "user" is that e.g. on traditional social platforms it is not really true. The users are the "product" or the "abused" (by abusers)

Many software developers have "user persona's" as abstractions, and in the process forget the real people they represent

Aral Balkan in his and principles is also advocating the avoidance of the term 'users' and I agree

We should avoid the term 'user' for people that are on the . It is impersonal.

Using the term 'people' as in people-of-the-fediverse also doesn't cut it. It is too general.

'Resident' as in fediverse-resident is possible, but also not descriptive enough (it needs 2 words to be clear).

Do we have single-word intuitive names to indicate our federated community and movement? Are there multiple terms, are they urban popular language yet?

I'd really like to know, so I can avoid 'user'.

don't forget to rewind your CDs before putting them back in their cases.

There are a lot of economies like this. Social media is like a food court in a failing mall. Your only customers are the people in the other shops but you're too broke to move

The perennial problem with mutual credit economies is establishing the income to meet everyone's needs. Angel investors here are few and far between

The way to break that cycle is to collaborate on short works with minimal production values that break sharply from established markets in significant ways that aren't as easy to describe as they appear. This is a way for creative workers to share the risk of exploring for new markets. Because you aren't going to get attention without getting a new audience and creativity is the only currency you can afford to share

I feel frustrated that just like money, so many people seem to be stuck in a cycle of "attention debt",

where everybody is lacking in the necessary amount of attention from other people and really wants other people to pay them,
but nobody has a significant enough amount of attention "currency" to pay with

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What I'm increasingly feeling is, "people don't share / respond to my art" isn't a problem we can ever solve by complaining at each other

I've seen that happen for Years and Years and I just know during that whole time a whole lot of people have still gone unappreciated (even if the complaining actually has decreased the problem slightly)

I feel like to "solve" this feeling, we need to fundamentally replace the concept of content "demanding" attention, & with some kind of mutual aid community

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do you want to go on a trip down ?

enumerate over gsmarena.com/results.php3?sMak<number>

I started with 4 which was and I wanted to find out how many mobile manufacturers there were before ( answer : there were 47 )

there's also en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_

My rule for social networks:

What you're reading here typically isn't anyone's opinion. It's merely a thought someone had and shared with you in written form.

We should really try and stop judging or criticizing people as if we're reading their master's thesis.

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