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opinions about food 

I don't really like whole grilled chicken

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Mastodon signs the victory of XML over json on the web :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wrote a little bit about the problems I uncovered (quite by accident!) in some common OStatus systems. I also provide some suggestions for mitigating those problems.

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Hi friends! I'm currently looking for work.

Technologies I'm good at: Go (golang), JavaScript, ES6, React, Redux, AWS, Docker, Postgres, ElasticSearch

Areas of expertise: web application prototypes, web scraping, IoT protocols, digital identities

My resume is here:
My email is:

Please get in touch if I could be of service to you or someone you know!

:heart: :computer: :heart:

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One of the birds on my street has learnt to imitate a car alarm, and now blurts it out in short bursts each morning.

I like to imagine he heard the alarm a few times, and was all "What the hell kind of bird is THAT?! It sounds BEAUTIFUL. I must find it. Maybe if I keep singing its call, it will come to me one day."

*wipes away a single tear*

I should put on some clothes, because that's what society expects, when you go out in public.


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