@divinetribal Dalit Bahujan Adivasi Communism is what will bring Revolution. Everyone else right now is just playing to the social democratic gallery.

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These 5 women in burqa kept in front for optics, were later found out to be Hindu women. They were promised a sum of money and a ruckus started when they did not get paid. It was revealed that the burqa were bought from a nearby Muslim area. twitter.com/MumbaiMirror/statu

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Excellent riposte by Chintan Chandrachud to those who argue that protests should cease because the case is pending before SC.


Two points: (1) In a democracy, everyone - not just SC - is entitled to engage with the Constitution on their own terms. (1/2)

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Good morning.

Remember that after the NRC is drawn up on the basis of the NPR, even if your name is on it, literally anyone can *object* to your citizenship status, and send you running from pillar to post - as happened in Assam.

Rule 4(6): censusindia.gov.in/2011-Act&Ru

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Objection was filed against my 5 year old nephew despite entire family was in the NRC final draft. Also against my cousin, my mother was called as witness.

Objection was filed against my friend and entire family. Friend had to fly from Kolkata to attend hearing. twitter.com/gautambhatia88/sta

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Wanted to add a perspective on how CAA and NRC is anti dalit.

Once you are declared as non-citizen thanks to NRC.

You will be given Indian citizenship thanks to CAA

But now you would have lost your reservations.

Because you are now a refugee who was given citizenship.

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They tried to finger with Muslims and they got burned...

They will now go back to killing Christians and Dalits for their North Indian Hindoo audiences.

Be warned and beware!

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Beyond the cool highcourt-ordered drone footage from Chennai, towns across Tamil Nadu have seen large protests👇🏽

In Kerala and Karnataka too. Its not received as much attention as protests in state capitals, or more broadly in the north, but it's been massive!

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FACT: There are more Muslims in India than Sanghis.

FACT: BJP ensured in five years that even Hindus go hungry.

FACT: Hungry Hindus and Angry Muslims are a dangerous combination for Sanghis.

You cannot ask a person whether he loves his Left or his Right hand more.

And that is why North Indian Hindutva can never grow in Dravidian lands.

The Muslim, Hindu, Christian,Buddhist and Atheist are all one body - Dravidian.

What fairy tales you teach your kids in the name of religion doesn't affect that.

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உயிரே போனாலும் குடியுரிமை திருத்த சட்டத்தை அமல்படுத்த விடமாட்டோம்; சிறுபான்மை மக்களுக்கு துணை நிற்போம்.

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Here is a very simple test for who should be a Citizen of India in the future.

1. Did you vote for Modi?

2. Do you wear a Janeu?

3. Have you ever called anyone "Katva, Rice bag convert, Urban Naxal?"

4. Do you believe that religion is more powerful than the Constitution?

If any of these answers is Yes, revoke that person's citizenship and send them to re-education camps with hard labour.

What the Hindu Colonialists want is that eventually, the Janeu becomes a person's Aadhar, Passport, and Driver's License.

That is why there can be no winning this battle until the fake majority religion is brought beneath the feet of Ambedkar.

I don't know about citizenship tests and stuff but there is definitely one test that needs to be instituted in the Army and Police!

All those who want to join the Army and Police must be made to burn the Manusmriti and Urinate on the Hindu Terrorist Bhagwa to prove their loyalty to the Constitution of India.

If that test is applied now, we would end up with no Army or Police officers!

Section 144 in Karnataka, police refusal to March in Delhi. Looks like a nationwide clampdown on protests.

@Dasbolshevik i have a serious doubt, Brahminical supremacists have taken us right to the foot of 19th century now, arrogantly spitting on us.

So, what would it take communists/ revolutionaries, to even slightly dog whistle at Brahmins "stop or else"

Really asking, not satire.

Are the brahmins gods to even revolutionaries?

There is something amazing about a Muslim woman who declares herself a Communist in today's India. She has to fight...

- Conservative Muslims
- The Hindu Right Wing men and women
- Patriarchy as Hegemony
- Capitalism as an ideology and....

She has to fight for the rights of the oppressed in the streets!

Lal Salaam my Comrades. YOU make Communism worth dying for!

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