[male toplessness]

A black and white photograph, tinted slightly in a dark blue, of a white man. We can see him up from the folds on the bottom of his fatty breasts. The photo is cropped to show all his right breast and nipple. A star of light is just above the right side of his head. He has a white streak in his hair, and a browny-grey moustache and goatee.

On top of a narrow steel plinth is a bronze sculpture of a male fiddler crab, with a typically enlarged right claw. The beachfront sculpture is several times life size.

Part of the Seaborn set of sculptures by Pauline Fraser, Esplanade at Altona Pier, Altona Beach, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



In the driveway of a suburban front yard, a large white duck with its tail towards us turns its head to look at us.

Altona, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Food, meat 

A large blue bowl rests on an outdoor cafe table. In it are 3 brown zucchini and corn fritters; one is cut open to reveal the inside. The fritters are on top of purple beetroot hummus. There is also whipped goats cheese, smoked salmon, a slaw of cabbage and green herbs, and a poached egg.

Birdcage Altona Cafe, Harrington Square, Maidstone Street, Altona, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Food, meat 

On a brown crockery plate with beige markings is an assortment of grazing food, including roughly-torn pieces of pita bread, a small glass bowl of olive oil, some dukkah, beetroot hummus, green olives, cheddar cheese and brisling sardines.


A peeled hard boiled egg is resting on a white plate right front of us, only a few inches before our eyes. Salt mixed with black truffles is sprinkled on top of it; we can see the few tiny black flecks of truffle among the damp salt grains. The entire photo is in black and white.

A black and white portrait of a white man's head and face, and nude upper chest. A light in the top corner, above his left eye, shines down diagonally to his right. Above his right eye a streak of white hair rises in a spiky crest, and longish hair falls down the left side of his head. He has shaving soap on his face.

Altona War Memorial, Hobsons Bay Civic Centre, Civic Parade, Altona, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


On a white crockery plate are two pieces of toasted Turkish-style bread, topped with melted mozzarella cheese, slices of tomato, cracked black pepper and basil leaves. Next to them are two soft boiled eggs, one of which has a bite out of it, revealing the golden liquid yolk ready to be slurped.

Food, meat 

On a white crockery plate is a salmon fillet with skin on, that has been gently pan-fried. It rests on a bed of baby spinach leaves, and is topped with fresh dill. A small pile of lemon veloute sauce is also on the plate. A fluffy toy white polar bear named Polly is ready to jump in and enjoy the fish lunch.

Food, meat 

Looking straight down into a large, deep bowl we can see pho made from beef broth with noodles, bean sprouts, basil, spring onions and sauce, with beef balls, brisket and tendons added.

From Thuan An in Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


[image description: Through a kitchen window, we can see a silhouetted duck perching on a suburban backyard fence]

This is the view from my kitchen sink. I get lots of birds hanging out there, but I've never seen a duck before. Maybe they were checking out the neighbour's pool.

Food, meat, alcohol 

On a brown crockery plate with beige markings are two fillets of salmon poached in white wine. The fillets are covered with a veloute sauce, made from the wine, butter, flour, lemon juice, and shallots, and are topped with fresh dill and chives.

A fluffy toy white polar bear named Polly is delighted to see her human has tried cooking a new dish for their meal.

A straight path paved with red bricks leads through a shopping centre car park. Trees on each side of the path are covered in white spring blossoms. A few shopping trolleys are at the edges of the path. At the far end, a mobility scooter waits to turn onto the footpath.

Central Square Shopping Centre, Merton Street, Altona Meadows, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A bright blue Ford Falcon XB backs into an outer suburban driveway. The large 4-door car has orange racing stripes, a white roof and two sets of headlights. Its numberplate indicates it is registered cheaply under a vintage vehicle scheme.

Queen Street, Altona Meadows, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

On a bright, sunny day, an Australian magpie walks across a patch of grass with some dried plant matter in their beak.

Apex Park, Altona, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My eyes narrow. My body tenses. I wasn't ready for this, but battle with rival gangs can come any time.

[image description: A fairly generic coffee shop in a shopping centre. Two mobility scooters are parked next to the seating area]

Central Square Shopping Centre, Central Avenue, Altona, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A white man wears a short purple neckerchief. The room behind him is lit with purple light. Behind him on the wall, some feature lights in a triangle are partly lit up in purple, too.

I -d today

" strives to foster supportive, safe, empowering and inclusive environments for rainbow young people."



Two sandwiches made from Turkish-style bread rest on a white crockery plate. The sandwich filling is right in front of our eyes; we can clearly see, from the bottom up, butter, baby spinach leaves, vintage cheddar cheese and slices of fresh tomato.


On a white crockery plate, right in front of our eyes, are two peeled hard-boiled eggs sprinkled with salt and pepper. Behind them are two pieces of light rye toast topped with baby spinach and mushroom slices, and vintage cheddar cheese. Behind, a fluffy toy white polar bear named Polly waits, ready to pounce on her next meal.

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