I waited a few weeks to decide to ban spinster because I thought banning the whole instance was heavy-handed. I thought maybe some of those users aren't pushing anti-trans ideology and don't deserve to be cut off. After I read the admins' anti-trans essays I decided that anyone who hitches their cart to those horses did so consciously. (1/2)

Yeah, I fixed the Trending hashtags tab in #djitter 🎉

For the people who are wondering if we are in any way related to #Gab?

No, just no. We are currently in the progress removing all "gab" related items from the UI.

#djitter #mastodon #gab #skin

Yep, zero boosts and zero favourites. Viral.

Recompiling assets for the Trends panel!

I've created some 'default' groups. Any suggestions?

That’s crappy, when I login on djitter.com I’m being redirected to djitter.com/sw.js and it gives a white screen.

Any clue on how to fix it?

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