It certainly helps to have an official Mastodon app now, and that it’s a very nice one.

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I hope this becomes a viable alternative. I like this kind of simple, short interaction, the amusement, the connection. Blogs, Substack, etc, they’re not the same.

Kicking the tires over here, nice to see an official app now.

Have joined up at a different instance, so come follow me over here...

I wouldn't say that I have a "type," but I own a lot of keyboards.

Wow, apparently have not been here since January...

Been a little too long since I came over here--partly from not being on my computer as often the last few weeks. Somehow, this seems easier on the desktop than the phone...

🌯Poor ol' Bill, Up on Capitol Hill, loves his new gig parodying his old cartoon... until he's asked to portray the Tax Reform Bill👇

Heading home from PodCon in Seattle. Back to being landlocked...

Headed out to Podcon in Seattle this weekend, getting together with all kinds of podcasting friends and colleagues. Hopefully, United won't be United and I'll get everywhere close to on time...

The only thing more fun than writing a Radio Theater episode is editing it & bringing it all to life.

It’s not often I get to be the villain on an Incomparable episode, but this week was about It’s a Wonderful Life...

I really miss the olden days when The Onion still did satire and not factual reporting

New Mastodon people, I HIGHLY encourage you to check out Tootdon for a less confusing UI and an all around more comprehensible experience!

Wind kicking up. Fully expect Dorothy Gale’s house to fly past any minute.

Writing a prose thing, remembering why I loved sliding into theatre and writing scripts...

Being good and writing the thing I should be writing.

Well, okay, pausing to go pick up the kids, but then getting back to writing the thing.

Because I should be writing it.

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