Have joined up at a different instance, so come follow me over here... @djloehr

I wouldn't say that I have a "type," but I own a lot of keyboards.

@joesteel How the hell did I wind up in this leotard? It’s a leotard, right? Where’s the neck hole? It’s what? I don’t want to know, do I?

Wow, apparently have not been here since January...

@gregpak Interesting. Not sure it would change me only because it's the conversation that holds me, not the colors. But I may try it too.

@matthewbogart I use Tootdon on the phone, but still not often enough. It's reflexive to go to Tweetbot...

Been a little too long since I came over here--partly from not being on my computer as often the last few weeks. Somehow, this seems easier on the desktop than the phone...

🌯Poor ol' Bill, Up on Capitol Hill, loves his new gig parodying his old cartoon... until he's asked to portray the Tax Reform Bill👇
boingboing.net/2017/12/13/im-j mastodon.social/media/IzufwmfH

Heading home from PodCon in Seattle. Back to being landlocked...

Headed out to Podcon in Seattle this weekend, getting together with all kinds of podcasting friends and colleagues. Hopefully, United won't be United and I'll get everywhere close to on time...

@gregpak @ruckawriter It’s quite something to walk through/under/around in person.

@ruckawriter @gregpak I have an artist friend who makes art with them, so she accepts donated used CDs (or never likely to be used ones). leticiabajuyo.com/

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