successfully organised all 800 or so of my notes on google keep, time to go back to ignoring my responsibilities

posting this again on a not-dead account:

I want someone to start a community, cooperative wireless ISP in seattle.

I don't have the energy to do it myself. what I do have is lots of excess bandwidth.

wobscale will, at no charge, provide transit to a co-op with the purpose of providing residential internet access to underserved areas of seattle (those that do not currently have plentiful gigabit-to-the-home options).

I also, like, ran a WISP in a past life, so you can pick my brain about it too.

i could in theory piece together their timelines by following lots of people but it isn't the same

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following people who are on small instances whose activity revolves around local timelines that i can't see feels kinda lonely

the americano from eat is not entirely terrible, time to switch to drinking coffee without sugar or milk i suppose

i checked how many notes i have left, i'm at 300 remaining down from 800. ok i can do this. i've found loads of interesting links too and a lot of ideas for things to make which i'm surprised by, i thought i wasn't someone who had ideas

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i can't do it, i can't get through all of these notes. i never want to write another note again

going through google keep notes is taking so long, this is gonna take several weeks of evenings. then i'll have to actually read the things i bookmarked or just delete them

currently reading: the checklist manifesto by atul gawande.

tl;dr: buttress expertise when dealing with complexity by using checklists to 1. ensure that you don't forget vital steps of complex procedures 2. ensuring people communicate

I wonder why my enthusiasm for mastodon fizzled out. I guess one reason is that the amount of content that was flowing on here when it was super hyped was just INCREDIBLE and overwhelming. The tweetdeck-style layout doesn't help. Four toots per screen-height? Nowhere near enough.

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