i can't do it, i can't get through all of these notes. i never want to write another note again


i checked how many notes i have left, i'm at 300 remaining down from 800. ok i can do this. i've found loads of interesting links too and a lot of ideas for things to make which i'm surprised by, i thought i wasn't someone who had ideas

@djmicrobeads it’s awesome that you actually went back and looked through your notes! I keep meaning to...

@chenoehart you should! i don't know what caused me to actually act on this desire but i've been doing this for a hour or two every evening for like the past week now

@chenoehart i guess i reached this point where i was reluctant to take new notes because i would just think "well it's going to go on the pile and i'll never look at it again" and i really wanted that to not be the case

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