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I wonder why my enthusiasm for mastodon fizzled out. I guess one reason is that the amount of content that was flowing on here when it was super hyped was just INCREDIBLE and overwhelming. The tweetdeck-style layout doesn't help. Four toots per screen-height? Nowhere near enough.

all the content i usually want to see is in a single 300 pixel wide sliver of the screen

i'm a personal brandj ust kidding i fucking suck


The short options (e.g. "-T") are shortcuts you memorize for things that you personally type often into an interactive shell.

The long options (e.g. "--no-target-directory") go in shell scripts. They are more intelligible to readers who haven't memorized everything.

Capitalism is sacrilegious and awful for taking something as wonderful and sacred as learning and turning it into the bureaucratic source of stress and misery that we call education.

Qualifications take learning and turn it into a weapon whose purpose is creating competition in the workplace.

had a great evening drinking beer and talking about how to get ahead professionally, jesus christ we are all LARPing aren't we


This machine kills fascists

but you can squeeze the fascists anyway, but we're not supposed to tell you that

@djmicrobeads I've always found it easier to revise my opinions than to change how I act

Apologies to everyone I had to leave out! (your instances are great too)

From Witches to Dolphins, These Are the Communities That Make Mastodon Great

@sarahjeong I've only been on the personally but the folks over at seem like a nice crowd.

mastodon doesn't solve any of the problems i had with social media

I love getting to work early because it means i can sit in the office for half an hour and mentally adjust to being in a new setting before other people come in, they don't have to see the side of me that comes out when I haven't had any coffee and have just got off a busy train.

On the other hand all the companies around are unloading their produce, the ground thunders every minute or so aieeeeee

somebody told me that universities are a cartel i just got mindvirused so hard i need to lie down

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