The order in which they were released is fine.

You should probably also watch each film starting with the beginning, through the middle, and finish with the end.

It's not that complicated.

Now that they're all out I'm finally catching up on the Evangelion movies.


Disassembled my nephew's joycon because one of the buttons wasn't working. He'd sheared the switch right off the board. Granted he could be a bit gentler with it, but it feels like a bit of a poor design to begin with.

but what if we _are_ living in a simulation tho????!

The good news is, the Most Useful Piece of Software Ever youtube-dl can download recorded Zoom meetings. The bad news is, Zoom. It seems like they serve up their recorded meetings from an old 56k modem which is guarded by a leopard.

The entertainment industry sure has done a number on names.

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