best and the brightest minds in tech, no doubt.

Picard ends this week and then I get to cancel Prime. I'm so excited.

And in a thousand years, what will be our legacy?

mandalorian episode 8 spoils 

Ok then.

The darksaber looked really stupid on screen. As it should, of course.

Just reiterating for any people who are me, this is a very pretty system that I do not need in the slightest. But it is very pretty.

From the people who brought you Amazon Charts, Amazon Maths:

Analogue Pocket 

I hope this render for the Analogue Pocket is not final. It looks a bit Not Good.

The d-pad is too close to the side.
The face buttons look too tightly packed.
The Start/Select/Whatever buttons running along the side look like they'll get in the way of whatever digit is pressing the face buttons.
The Analogue^Pocket labeling under the glass just looks silly. Just Analogue Pocket will do fine.

Analogue still booking first class tickets for their packages I see.


Hard to tell if that means they're for or against it.

This joke works because of how aggressive Gryzzl actually is.

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