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I’m having an odd experience. It’s called the 2018 film Between Worlds.

I guess I completely missed the Titanic backlash.

It's rare that I feel like I have lived in a better world.

I found the thing. It wasn't exactly staring me in the face, but it may as well have been.

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trying to find something that was safely put away. day 2 of trying to find this thing has now concluded. i’ve looked “everywhere” multiple times now. pretty much just hoping my brain is too dumb to see it staring me in the face.

I am not a sports-man. Do people call goalkeepers goaltenders? Is it a specific code / regional thing? I hear goaltender all I can think is the illegal basketbally thing.

We need to cater more to the people who have entire civilisations built upon the foundation of catering to them every second of every day.

Genuinely sounds like the digital assistant is laughing at me.

Damn the science I would like on-demand pill production just so taking my morning medication doesn't look so dreadful.

Watched Godzilla and The Thin Man. Separate movies. Good.

family gatherings, so, you know, ootb racism 

"You can't say bad things about minorities"

"Black Lives Matters, whatever that means this week."

I've built the world I'm surrounded by.


Got about 8 hours sleep. But woke up at 4am. Going to be sluggish. Could be worse.

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Got maybe an hour’s sleep last night. Got people coming around today. Ffs.

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C Thomas Howell looks a lot like Tig Notaro. Perhaps a bizarro remake.

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Woke up at 12.30am. Can’t sleep. Watching Hitcher.

My personality is repeatedly telling people, a decade after his death, that the era of Steve Jobs is now over.

I think I maybe don't ever want to go back to the US.

I didn't sleep great last night but I at least am not feeling like going straight back to bed. A little bit of mental clarity for the first time in, oh I dunno, maybe over a month.

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