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I can't be more clear that what passes as the FFXIV community is trash.

"I love how coherent he was, right up until he mentioned precious bodily fluids"

A thing, said by a human, about Ripper in Dr. Strangelove.

steam deck is a pc. so yes, steam deck can run things that pcs can run. because it's a pc.

Got my desk up. Got my second monitor up. Slowly seeing how well I can tolerate the colour differences between the two screens.

Before this last fortnight I didn't really appreciate how stressful a room with no seating can be.

Finally finishing my new desk tomorrow. Assuming nothing goes wrong. Something always goes wrong.

I really wasted my film poster-buying years.

Better Call Saul 6x09 ok spoiler now 

Kim is _the shit_.

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Better Call Saul 6x09 not really spoilers, but you know... 


Trying to report election misinfo by prominent media figures on hellsite but something tells me their supposed policy is going to care about the US, and nowhere else.

I'm glad the internet lets a lot of people who otherwise mightn't, find their place.

I'm not as thrilled with how it then seems to encourage them to act like a home owners association.

What kind of society are we that we are so willing to openly shame drunk drivers?!?!?



Rhetorical question but why do the Conservative party go through the bother of whittling candidates down to the final two before letting membership vote? Just throw all the candidates on a ballot, let whoever gets the most votes be party leader.

First past the post and all that. I hear it’s a wonderful way of running elections.

It's getting so cold here I'm almost considering drinking room temperature - rather than cold - water.

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