DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PERSON HE IS A TOOL OF BIG PICKLE RT @djsundog: pretzels are dehydrated carbohydrate pickles

This account is deprecated and likely to be disabled in future releases.

You should use to reach me instead.

Happy Friday!

The toot-lab is broken because I'm dumb enough to try and upgrade to a non-tagged release before 0600 after not-great sleep.

Once I can figure out why I'm getting a bunch of 500 errors and make that stop, the toot-lab shall return.

This is just me sending an inline mention to as a test so you can probably disregard it.

I may or may not be falling and needing to be caught while listening to the greatest song ever. . .tonight. . .

This track off the new Jamiroquai album starts like a straight rip of Copacabana but it's a smooth jam regardless (or maybe because)

"Building Mastodon to be frozen"

I'm thinking about how we can build archiving and preservation tools right into Mastodon β€” where the Fediverse presents some risk β€” and what other opportunities that might unlock.

This cut is really just a fantastic out of context artifact that makes no more sense when context is added.

Some kid's gonna learn this story in futureschool and that kid is gonna end up bent.

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